The Arts Collective continues to deepen connections between widening circles of Chinese-Australian artists and to contribute to the cultural emergence of Chinese-Australians.

We wish to share what we have successfully achieved on our journey so far, providing updates on the development of The Arts Collective.

The Arts Collective’s Artist’s Insight’s Series has already hosted four established artists speaking to deeply engaged audiences about their respective practices and their Chinese-Australian identity. The series looks forward to hosting Tony Ayres, award winning filmmaker and producer and Miles Franklin Prize nominated writer, Alice Pung.

The Arts Collective member, Jun Bin Lee, successfully presented the first act of his hip-hop musical, Ah Chan: Best Cabinet Maker. Jun continues to collaborate with the museum in growing and developing his musical theatre production about Chinese Australian cabinetmakers of the 19th century.

The Arts Collective member, Nancy Liang, is working in collaboration with the museum to create a new installation for the Chinese Museum’s 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

In the space of the visual arts, The Arts Collective also looks forward to the launch of its Through Time and Space virtual exhibition, sponsored by the Australian Embassy, Beijing in November.