E-Book: One Million Stories - Chinese Australians 200 Years

A bilingual English and Chinese E-Book, "One Million Stories - Chinese Australians 200 years" is published by the Museum of Chinese Australian History and commissioned by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The E-Book traces 200 years of Chinese Australian history, from the tribulations and successes of early immigrants following Mak Say Ying’s arrival in 1818, to the generations of acclaimed Australians representing the Chinese Australian community today.

This E-Book is 101 pages long.


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《百万则故事》中英双语电子书由澳大利亚外交贸易部委托澳大利亚华人历史博物馆出版。该电子书是对200年来澳大利亚华人历史的追溯,讲述了从最早1818年的早起移民知名人物麦世英(Mak Say Ying)抵达澳后经历的苦难和成功故事,以及之后一代又一代直至当代澳洲知名华人的不为人知的精彩故事。