Wuyi Da Hong Pao (Oolong Tea) 3.5g

武夷大红袍 Wuyi Da Hong Pao (Oolong Tea) 3.5g

The brewing method of Wuyi Da Hong Pao

Correct brewing and drinking of Da Hong Pao can give full play to the rock tea charm and characteristics of Da Hong Pao without tea, appreciate the essence of tea and experience the infinite fun of tea.

This tea is ideally brewed around 80-85 degrees. Under normal circumstances, the tea ratio is 1:50 (that is, 50ml of water for one gram of tea). It is recommended to brew this tea for 3 minutes. If a light brew is desired, the amount of tea is 1/3-1/2 of the area of the brewing pot. If a strong brew is desired, the amount of tea is 1/2-2/3 of the volume of the brewing pot.

Drinking efficacy and attributes

Da Hong Pao tea contains a large amount of caffeine and tea polyphenols, which can refresh the mind and improve fatigue. Secondly, Da Hong Pao tea is rich in amino acids and proteins, which can generate fluid and quench thirst, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and promote body metabolism when consumed in daily life.

Avoid drinking too much: although Da Hong Pao has a good taste, drinking too much will cause side effects. Adult daily intake is about 12 grams, not exceeding 20 grams.

Storing guide

After opening, seal properly and store in a dry, dark, cool (0-5 c°) ventilated and odorless place.








本产品一旦开封后应密封保存于干燥、避光、阴凉(0-5 c°)及通风无异味处