Temporary Exhibition 26th May - 12pm 4th June 2023
Free with the price of museum admission
Exhibition closed at the following times for private/ticketed events:
Special Event (tickets sold separately)

For the first time in Melbourne, a collection of artefacts and photographs from one of the richest, most vibrant, but also most obscure migrant cultures in the world will be on display at the Museum of Chinese Australian History. The exhibition showcases the Peranakan Chinese, a unique Asian culture found in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Phuket, known for its rich cultural traditions, opulent architecture and furniture, delectable cuisine, intricate embroidery, and fine porcelain. Explore the origins of the Peranakan and their history, customs and traditions, including the evolution of cultural practices and communities formed through their immigration to Australia.

We invite you to an odyssey into the past, present, and future of the Peranakan culture. Learn how the Peranakan Chinese community in Melbourne is preserving its culture, history, customs and traditions in an effort to reconnect with their roots and Peranakan identity.

Courtesy of Alfred Chi  

Courtesy of Shahan Cheong            

Courtesy of Shahan Cheong        

Courtesy of the late Mr Charles KK Chua & Family, Malacca

Courtesy of the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Malacca