Focus for learning: Levels/Years F-3 HASS - History, Intercultural Understanding/Capability, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Cost: $8.80 per student (minimum 30 students, maximum 50 students)

Duration: 45 minutes

This program provides opportunities for students to engage with historical and cultural content relevant to:

  1. Myths and origins of the Chinese dragon

  2. Importance of the Chinese New Year parade

  3. Important symbols in Chinese culture

This virtual incursion introduces students to artefacts from the Chinese Museum’s collection and brings them into the classroom. Students will engage with content that answers the inquiry questions:

  • What are some traditional stories that cultural groups celebrate about their heritage?
  • How can stories of the past be told and shared?
  • What events, activities and places do I care about? Why?
  • How and why do people choose to remember significant events of the past?

The program is facilitated live by an experienced Museum Guide via Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, or the video-conferencing platform recommended by your education jurisdiction. Pre and post activities to consolidate student learning experiences, are included in the museum's LMS.

Thank you so much for the experience yesterday. The session was easy to connect to and hear.  The level of interaction, through asking questions and the postcard activity, was good for engagement. The chosen images were interesting and led to some rich discussion.  Grade 4-6 Teacher, Daylesford Dharma School

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