Focus for learning: Level/Year 7 - HASS - History, Intercultural Understanding/Capability, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Cost: $8.80 per student (minimum 30 students, maximum 50 students)

Duration: 45 minutes   

This program provides opportunities for students to engage with historical and cultural content relevant to:

  1. The role of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Chinese history 

This virtual incursion introduces students to artefacts from the Chinese Museum’s collection and brings them into the classroom. Students will engage with content that answers the inquiry questions:

  • What evidence exists about the ancient past?
  • Why and where did the earliest societies develop?
  • What are some defining social and cultural characteristics of ancient China?
  • What traditions, customs and innovations from ancient societies have influenced how we live today?

The program is facilitated live by an experienced Museum Guide via Webex, or the video-conferencing platform recommended by your education jurisdiction. Pre and post activities to consolidate student learning experiences, are included in the museum's LMS.

It was interesting, engaging and broadened our understanding of a fascinating area of history. It was a brilliant way to add extra variety to our remote learning program..I liked that there was a task to keep them engaged during the session as well as a follow-up option.  Grade 6 Teacher, Kilvington Grammar, August 2020

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