Focus for learning: Levels/Years F-12 - Health and Physical Education, Intercultural Understanding/Capability, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Cost: $9.90 per student (minimum 15 students, maximum 50 students)

Duration: 45 minutes

Platform: Facilitated live by an experienced Museum Guide via Webex, Zoom, MS Teams or the video-conferencing platform recommended by your education jurisdiction.

Minimum 15, maximum 50 students per session.

This program provides opportunities for students to participate in a real-time training session and practice basic Kung Fu movements. The content of the program is relevant to Health and Physical Education, particularly, the Movement and Physical Activity strand descriptions:

  1. Moving our body
  2. Understanding movement
  3. Learning through movement

This virtual incursion is facilitated live by a Shifu master who demonstrates safe ways to use this ancient art form to develop strength, balance and mindfulness. The instructor also introduces students to the origins and health benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Through participation, students can learn to:

  • appreciate and engage with the diverse cultures, traditions and belief systems of the Asia region through the development of communication and interpersonal skills that reflect cultural understanding, empathy and respect.
  • examine the meaning of health and the mind-body-spirit connection across the cultures of the Asia region through wellness practices. These include physical activity and traditions of medicine and health care.
  • recognise the influence within Australian culture of traditional and contemporary movement activities from the Asia region and explore health and movement in the context of Asia.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-effective and accessible for all classes
  • Flexible delivery and conducted in your classroom
  • Curriculum aligned teaching and learning outcomes
  • Interactive activities to excite and engage students with age/level appropriate historic and cultural content, including fun pre and post activities. 
  • Pre and post activities to consolidate student learning experiences, are included in the museum's LMS. 

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