Chinese ribbon dancing is a traditional art form that originates in ancient China. Using sharp, rhythmic movements and long colourful ribbons, dancers perform to traditional Chinese music.

Students will learn about the significance of dance in Chinese culture and celebrations. In this workshop, a trained Chinese dance instructor will teach students basic traditional Chinese dance and movement in your own school/institution as part of our Travelling Museum Program. 


$15 per student

Distance surcharge

A surcharge of $100 per 10km applies to schools further than 30km from the Museum


100 students per program 


We can accommodate up to 80 students per session for All Year Levels. Multiple sessions for up to 3 hours including breaks can be catered for and will run on a rotating timetable.

Requirements: A large hall, gymnasium or multi-purpose room, with access to power for AV equipment is required. The dance instructor will bring all workshop equipment and music. 


All sessions are 45 minutes long. 

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